I Lessened My Chemical Load to Feel Better and Live Healthier

I have heard that aluminum in deodorants can increase your risk of aluminum associated health issues over time. And one thing I put on every day is deodorant. Who doesn’t? What will 30 or 40 years of putting deodorants on that have aluminum in them do to me over time? I have heard of relational issues with it and Alzheimer’s disease. Who wants to risk that? I found a natural deodorant in Canada that works very well for me. It turns out that I do not need the antiperspirant properties that the aluminum in my old brand has. I don’t sweat that much under my armpits anyway.

I just needed a good deodorant to, well, not stink during the day at work. If I am out working and sweating everywhere else, what’s the difference if my armpits are sweaty too? If I am wearing a dress shirt in the office, I am not sweaty anyway. I decided to cut out the aluminum altogether in my life. I even got rid of the aluminum pots and pans and went back to using my cast iron stuff. I need the iron boost anyway as a vegetarian. I know that some people poke fun at natural products, but if you quiz them, you may be surprised. The masses are on medications, have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and more. We do not have to be scientists to see that everything from the food we eat to the stuff we use every day is causing harm.

I decided to do something and begin to live less reliant on chemicals and concoctions made of things I can’t even pronounce. I have been making better food, exercise and product choices, and I like my personal results. I really do feel that lessening my daily chemical load is helping me to feel better and live healthier.